The original rechargeable LED floodlight used by thousands of working tradesmen


Endurance battery pack and dimmer settings to give 30 hours of use from just one charge


The big daddy in portable rechargeable floodlights, over 3500lm with 120 degree beam angle.


Totally off-grid floodlights, charge in daytime & cloudy conditions, works during the night.



What makes a FLOOD-IT LED Floodlight so special?

High performance LED technology

Our COB LEDs have a lifespan of 50,000 hours – over 5 years of constant use! Dovetail this with the machined heat-sink on the reverse of the casing and you get an extremely reliable light fixture.
Very early on in our no-compromise approach, we decided that the cheaper SMD LED chips did not create the adequate light spread that we know professional tradesmen require.

Premium Li-Ion batteries

We only use premium quality, ‘Grade A’ Li-Ion batteries.
Cheap lights mean cheap batteries which fail prematurely and simply cannot cope with frequent charge cycles.

Integrated electronic drivers

In the heart of a FLOOD-IT® LED floodlight is the driver that regulates the current from the battery to the LED chip. This battery serves to protect the light from over charging/discharging as well as ensuring a very stable light output.
Omitting the driver in a LED floodlight as a way of cutting costs results in a light output that greatly reduces during operation. What can start off looking bright quickly dims as the battery loses charge without an internal driver.

Reliable fixings

The last thing that you want to happen is to find your floodlight with a broken thumbscrew. At FLOOD-IT® we aim to eradicate annoying failures like this by using only high quality fixtures and fittings.
The first time someone picks up a FLOOD-IT®, they instantly recognise the robust feeling.